Sell & Trade

Getting the best deal for your old car can be tough. Except at CarSense – where everything is no hassle.

Selling your car at CarSense

CarSense makes selling a car just as easy as we’ve always made buying one.


We’ll offer you the best price possible, and handle all the paperwork; you’ll avoid the hassle of advertising, the worries of meeting with unknown buyers, and the stress of negotiations.


We know our way around the auction houses, so even if your vehicle can't cut it as a CarSense car (only 1 in 50 vehicles we inspect make it onto our lots), we're able to offer you a fair price.


There’s no trade necessary.


FIll out our easy Sell / Trade form or call (215) SELL-CAR to get started.

Trading in your car at CarSense

The fairness you expect to see reflected on the sticker of the cars we sell extends to the price we offer for your trade-in. 


Avoid the hassles of negotiating with other dealers, or, worse yet, negotiating a world of newspaper listings, broken appointments, and wheeler-dealers in selling a car yourself.


We approach trade-ins the CarSense Way – with honesty, integrity and complete transparency in how we assess the value of your car.


Fill out the Sell / Trade form if you're ready to trade, or search our inventory to find the car you'd like to purchase.

If you have any questions about selling or trading your vehicle, please call (866) 736-7383 to speak with a sales consultant.

Fountain of Youth for your car.
Some good things last forever.
Wide selection. Amazing quality.
"...I remember when buying a car was a game... You beat-up the sales guy and even walked out if you didn't get your way. Well all that has changed at CarSense... My sales person was Brendan Haney. He helped make the process... dare I say "fun". I would buy there again and will tell my friends and family to check them out before they buy another car.
Bob via Google