CarSense Glen Mills

Open now on Route 1, near 202!

Come see what’s new,
and we could renew you.


No one reconditions cars like CarSense does, with no dings, dents or scratches.

And now, to celebrate the opening of our newest CarSense location in Glen Mills, it’s more than just our cars we’re rejuvenating.

You could win a $200 spa treatment just for filling out the form below. Or, if you prefer, a $300 CARenu – where CarSense detailers and technicians work their magic on your existing car. It’s your choice.

The winner will be randomly chosen on the date of our Grand Opening in a few weeks. We’ll send you an invitation to the event soon. Whether you win or not, it’ll be a great time.

Our newest CarSense is located on the grounds of the old Turf Club, which we’re making over with a spiffy new showroom and a lot full of cars you just have to see. And the no-haggle way CarSense has always done business is something worth experiencing itself.

CarSense. More than ever, it’s CarSensational.


CarSense Glen Mills

Open on Route 1, near 202!
On the site of the old Turf Club

Thursday, Septemeber 5th is the last day to enter online to be eligible for the contest. 


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Glen Mills, PA