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Cat Video Fest

Can we ever get enough of incredibly cute cats? The CatFest folks say no way.

Each month CarSense highlights some of the best attractions in the region in a feature called "Sunday Drives."

March 1-8

Can we ever get enough of incredibly cute cats? The CatFest folks say no way—putting together the purrfect combination of fun and fundraising in support of our furry friends at the Carnegie Science Center, most days from March 1-8. 

It’s a laugh-out-loud 80 minutes of feline shenanigans that helps raise money for local cat charities, shelters and animal welfare organizations. It’s also larger than life, thanks to the giant screen, laser digital projectors, and the 45-speaker Dolby surround sound of The Rangos Giant Cinema located inside the Science Center. Weekend shows (Saturday and Sunday) are at 2:30 and 4:30 pm; weekday shows (daily except for Tuesday, when the museum is closed) are at 3:30 pm. Tickets are $9.95 per person, $7.95 for Carnegie Science Center members.

Even if you’re not big on cats, the Carnegie Science Center is equally entertaining in its own right. Attractions include the Mummies of The World exhibition, historic Miniature Railroad & Village (now in its 101st year— with handcrafted replicas of Western Pennsylvania landmarks,) plus Sun, Earth Universe – a new exhibit that explores our planet, our solar system and the universe. For more details about CatFest and other Carnegie center activities, please visit the website.

Carnegie Science Center
One Allegheny Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

412 237 3400

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