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No other choice makes sense.  

We have the highest quality cars
and the best value.

Impressive inventory. No flood or frame-damaged cars. A no-hassle way to sell your car, as well as buy one. CarSense offers everything national used car retailers boast about, and a lot more besides — the best quality cars, the strongest guarantees, and a car-buying experience customers love. CarSense. No other choice makes sense. Scroll down to see why — or start your search above.

Better, Longer Warranty 
Our bumper-to-bumper warranty comes free and covers everything — right down to the wiper blades. 

Better Vehicle Selection 

Because we're insanely selective, you only see the best pre-owned cars at CarSense. And, our prices are still under Kelley Blue Book. 

Lifetime Engine Guarantee 
We guarantee your engine for as long as you own the car. Just follow our guidelines and you're good to go, like, forever.

Better Looking Cars 
Our cars are like new. It's not just a matter of the hours we put in — you won't find a ding, dent or scratch on any CarSense Certified car.

More Reliable Cars 
The mechanical quality of CarSense cars is higher than that of national used car retailers. 

Newer Models, Fewer Miles 
The vast majority of CarSense cars are less than 4 years old with fewer than 50k miles. (Did we mention we're insanely selective!) 


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